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Strategies for Moving Beyond 20/20

Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today AMO Supplement - October 2009

Clinical Outcomes with the iLASIK™ Technology Suite PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert K. Maloney, MD, MA - (Oxon)   

Robert K. Maloney, MDThe combination of technologies that make up the iLASIK™ suite have made a significant difference in the quality and consistency of my refractive surgery utcomes. With this technology, we are able to achieve better visual acuity and better quality of vision in patient after patient. We now enjoy our lowest enhancement rate ever. We now enjoy our lowest enhancement rate ever

ALTK: Queratoplastía Lamelar Terapéutica Automatizada PDF Print E-mail

Memorias de una Mesa Redonda

Abril 30, 2001, San Diego, California

William Culbertson, MD

NASA Approves Advanced Lasik for use in Astronauts PDF Print E-mail

Although Lasik Technique has been used over a decade, only now has advanced to be an ultraprecise procedure, that NASA has approved for its use in Astronauts.

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Single-use Mechanical Microkeratome PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gustavo Tamayo, MD   

Single-use mechanical microkeratome offers reliable, safe, effective alternative for SBK Preservation of biomechanical properties seen with device, thin-flap procedure, says physician.

‘Available evidence shows [the microkeratome] performs reliably in creating thin flaps with a near planar profile and leaving an extremely smooth stromal bed.’ Gustavo Tamayo, MD

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 Download Single-use mechanical microkeratome
File Title:Single-use mechanical microkeratome (Details)
File Author:Gustavo Tamayo, MD