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TECNISMultifocal.com – Healthcare Professional

The healthcare professional section of the TECNIS Multifocal website now features the NEW TECNIS Multifocal “WOW” Campaign that made its debut in February of this year in trade publications!




A new section has also been added to the site entitled “Precision Crafting” which highlights the benefits of our premium manufacturing process, our high quality acrylic material and how when combined these contribute to high quality patient outcomes.  Content is featured from the recently released selling tool entitled Best-In-Class Image Quality with TECNIS IOLs (TEC12-02) which is attached to this message in softcopy for reference.


TECNISMultifocal.com – Healthcare Patient

A new patient testimonial has been added to the patient section of the site:  Cynthia.  Cynthia discusses her ability to perform daily tasks without glasses!




TECNIS Multifocal Web Assets – For Use on Customer Websites

The intent of this kit is to provide your existing TECNIS Multifocal customers with additional patient education materials that will enhance their existing websites and increase patient conversions.  The kit includes premade web pages and images that practice web masters and administrators can easily use and incorporate into their websites.  The Web Assets CD will be available on the PacFul website tomorrow (TEC12-09). Contact your RIS with regards to this great tool – some have already distributed to accounts for use on their websites!

Abbott Medical Optics Innovates a New Use for its Laser Technology

Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) has applied a new and innovative use for its Femtosecond laser technology, currently used in LASIK and corneal transplant procedures, to certain aspects of the cataract procedure, successfully treating the first patient in a clinical trial in Honduras.



Corneal Visualization Scheimpflug Technology

The new Corvis ST Toonometer is a Non-Contact-Tonometer with visualization and measurement of the corneal deformation response to an air pulse with an Ultra-High-Speed Scheimpflug camera (4330 frames/sec).

Current Measurement Features of the Corvis®  ST

  • Deformation amplitude
  • Applanation length
  • Corneal velocity
  • IOP-measurement
  • Corneal thickness
  • Scheimpflug images of applanation moments 1, 2 and of the highest concavity of the cornea
  • Slow-motion video of the corneal deformation after air pulse

Download the product Brochure here

The Keraring intrastromal corneal ring segments

The Keraring intrastromal corneal ring segments are implantable precision devices for the correction of surface irregularities and reduction of refractive errors associated with keratoconus and other corneal ectasias. Mediphacos recently launched the new generation of Keraring, the SI-5 and SI-6 models, now with variable optical zone. With this development, Keraring offers 40 different choices of thicknesses, lengths, and diameters of arc, allowing for greater customization of the remodeling cornea and refractive correction.

Watch Francisco Sanchez, MD, and Maria Clara Arbelaez, MD, discuss why they choose to treat keratoconous with the Keraring.


VSS Refractive Procedure: A Better Manifest Refraction-based Solution

The VSS Refractive procedure is a manifest refraction-based LASIK treatment for the STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser System providing a better treatment option for patients who are not eligible for a CustomVue procedure.

Click to view complete Presentation: VSS Refractive Procedure - Off-line Programming Module by Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

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